Another Day in the life of a Liberal Troll: AKA a would be normal person.

I woke up this morning, turned to my husband and said, "well, time to flip on the TV and see how Trump will force us to suck the day's dick!" CBSN headline news (fake news, lol) starts with the story of an undocumented dreamer proving that she is paying her taxes, and I sigh in disgust. My stomach sours, as I process,"Is this what America is coming too?" I turn to my husband, as I go to pour a cup of coffee. We exchange a look of knowing and we shake our heads. No words need be spoken. We both know that we are sad, and contemplating our citizenship. Next up on CBSN, the attack on the environment. Trump will be seeking to role back climate protection legislation that will amount to the largest attack on the environment and climate change in US history! My husband and I find ourselves furious and yelling at the TV. "Are you kidding me? Is there nothing this man won't poison? Now we are going to ruin drinking water and air? The entire world understands the importance of fighting climate change, but nooooo, not THIS elected cheeto chia pet gone wrong! Nope, Trumpy knows best! So this is 'Making America Great again"? Go ahead... contaminate her rivers, and pour smog into her skies. Only the poor drink tap water, and we all know WE don't count. Hell, we don't even want, or deserve healthcare! Just ask any Republican cabinet member and they will tell you how expendable we are. I can feel my blood pressure rise, and I can't help but laugh, "the president who is trying to do away with healthcare, is giving me hypertension. He is literally try to kill me!" Then the story of the "Fearless Girl" on wall street. Finally, something positive. A strong message for young women everywhere! I smile as I see young mother's and daughters stopping for photos. Commercial break, "Worried about fake news [...]" Seriously? What was previously considered a reputable news agency, is now forced to buy ads assuring their REAL NEWS? This man is a plague. A virus infecting all things. There is nothing safe. No one has ever questioned our free speech media in this manner until this oompa loompa! Sure we have all been irritated with the ratings game. We have all been irritated with the sensationalism of our media from time to time, but and ENEMY of The People? Everyone is suddenly Fake News? Now suddenly the cheeto has spoken, it must be true! (Holyshit! I survived typing that! I thought for sure said Trump spoke the truth it would.....OUCH!!! I guess I was safer with cheeto!) Oh no, here comes Spicer. Now here is a man who could have a career selling Mylanta.  He must have a beer fridge full of the stuff!. He must live a miserable existence (by choice granted, but miserable none the less). How do you get up and face the morning, knowing you will be forced to clean up the diarrhea that has poured out of the presidents mouth from the day before? Day after day, lie after lie, shoveling the foulest of shit. He has become the king of spin, as he denounces spin. Cleaning elephants stalls would be a welcomed vacation for this guy! Okay, I have taken I all I can! How do I combat this infection? "Honey, are you ready to turn this crap off and work on our website? The more people wearing these shirts, the more liberal trolls like us can feel less alone in this nightmare! Maybe with each shirt worn we can help the world know that the MAJORITY of Americans are not supporting this Russian puppet! I refuse to be lumped in with a bunch of deplorable, corrupt thugs, that hate the poor and believe the world is their trash can. Time to get the word out babe. This website is our contribution of much needed penicillin.  Let's fight the good fight cuz becoming an American refugee is not on the table today"!  

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